Siti Kassim sokong pelantikan Azhar Harun, sifatkan dirinya ‘fangirl’ Azhar

I really cannot brain idiots who are using a photo of mine with Art to prove their point. Art is hensem what.. I am one of his fangirl. You all jealous ka? Bongok betull…

I also really dont like what people are saying about Art Harun. He seemed to be a decent person and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Until one knows what he is going through I don’t presume to make a judgment.

Knowing his predicament I bet he was even reluctant to take on the EC job. And he probably took it as a national service. And looking at current scenario I am not at all surprised if he took the Speaker job as being something the best he can do to help the circumstances.

I couldn’t bear watching the proceedings in the August House today. It’s like a blardy circus. MPs shouting. No decorum. What a bunch of jokers.

And for people especially the same politicians who failed the rakyat when you were in power, not implementing your promises and then losing the majority because of your own in-fighting and power plays, well you screwed up. It’s your fault. This was a self inflicted wound. Man up and fix your mess.

I am sick with these politicians antics.

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