Memalukan ! Sidang Parlimen 2.30 petang, ‘speaker’ masih belum hadir

Memalukan Parlimen Malaysia! Parlimen sepatutnya disambung semula pada pukul 2.30 petang tetapi pada pukul 2.30 petang, Speaker masih tidak hadir! Kebiasaannya Ahli Parlimen yang lambat atau tidak cukup korum Anggota Parlimen. Speaker kalau tiada bagaimana nak mulakan sidang.

Begitulah status yang dimuatnaik oleh YB Wong Chen melalui Facebooknya yang dipetik. “A new embarrassing record for the Malaysian Parliament! Parliament was suppose to resume at 2.30 pm but at 2.30 pm, the Speaker was absent! Normally the MPs are late, or there isn’t sufficient quorum of MPs, but to have the Speaker not being there at the scheduled time is simply unheard of. ”

The bell was finally rang at 2.35 pm and the Deputy Speaker finally walked in at 2.37 pm. What is even more sad is the fact that the prime minister was in attendance when this happened. I wonder what was going through his head.

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