Islam tegakkan kebenaran tanpa kira kaum dan agama

Dalam sejarah Islam, orang Islam hatta para ulamanya membela non muslim bukan perkara aneh. Mungkin aneh bagi mereka yang jahil pada agamanya sendiri.

Sheikh Hamzah Yusuf pernah sebut dalam satu ceramahnya bahawa seorang tokoh ulama/ sufi di Morrocco iaitu Sheikh Ahmad Zarruq pernah di” persecuted” kerana membela orang-orang non muslim.

Begitu juga al-Amir Abd al-Qadir Al Jazairi yang pernah berjihad menentang penjajah non- muslim ( mostly Kristian ) dari Perancis yang datang jajah negara beliau-Algeria-sehingga beliau ditangkap dan dibuang negara ke Perancis, Turki dan Syria.

Di Syria , bila berlakunya peristiwa pertempuran antara muslim dan Kristian , Sheikh Abdul Qadir bertindak pertahankan dan lindungi orang-orang Kristian kerana bagi beliau mereka di” persecuted” oleh orang-orang Islam walaupun beliau pernah melawan penjajah Kristian dari Perancis yang jajah negaranya! هذا هو الاسلام -ini lah Islam ( yang insyaAllah para jebon dari Parti Amanah perjuangkan).

Solidariti bersama YB LGE…jom bantu !

Together we fight the political persecution of Lim Guan Eng.

Not for the first time, Lim Guan Eng has to fight trumped up charges by those in power in the court of law. He is now charged for allegedly ‘asking’ for a 10% profit cut in the undersea tunnel project which was awarded via open tender and evaluated by the most senior Penang and federal government civil servants.

The contractor who suddenly made the allegation is the same one who had previously rigorously defended the state government for its competitive transparency. He proudly declared that he didn’t have to ‘kaw-tim’ anyone in Govt to win the tender.

The prosecution had asked for RM2 million bail deposit and the Court has granted RM1 million. We have paid RM500,000 with funds borrowed from supporters and will have to pay another RM500,000 to the Court on Monday. Lim faces another 2 charges from MACC on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Therefore we are launching a RM10 1-week fund-raising campaign to pay for Lim’s bail and to repay the amounts we borrowed. We believe that Malaysians will stand up for righteousness to ensure that justice will prevail.

Donate RM10 to: “DAP Malaysia” @ Public Bank 3063828309. Please ‘SHARE’!

Any surplus received from the donations will go towards the General Election to fight the backdoor government and return the mandate to Malaysians who voted for change in 2018.


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